(1 Mb | For Win Xp, Vista, Seven)

My Cool Desktop

My Cool Desktop is a great little program that cheers up your desktop making it cute and unique by arranging your icons into 77 different shapes and styles.

In one click you can arrange desktop icons into circles, stars, hearts and other cool shapes which truly makes your desktop original and funny to work with, no more same old boring stuff :).
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More, you can save and restore multiple desktop icons layouts therefore you won't lose the old position of your desktop icons after changing resolution or after playing with this toy.

My Cool Desktop key features

Arrange icons into 77 different shapes
There are 77 shapes available grouped in 5 categories(Basic Shapes, Christmas, Nature, Objects, Others)

Full control of your desktop layout
  1. set height and width of selected shape
  2. set space between desktop icons
  3. move icons arrangement anywhere on the screen - includes auto-centering
  4. increase/decrease the size of the shape
Save and Restore icons layout
Positions of your icons on the desktop can be saved and restored with just one click. You can manage multiple layouts and set a different description for each one.
Other features
  1. minimization to system tray (near the clock)
  2. opening on system Start Up (starts with Windows)
  3. eye-candy interface with the ability to change Hue, Saturation and Contrast of the background